Tank Replacements

Tank Replacements

Cold water storage tank replacement works

Unfortunately, in very rare cases it can be impractical to repair or reline a cold water storage tank due to high levels of corrosion, or in more extreme cases entire tank panels or side walls having cracked or completely given way, leaving clients no choice but to replace the existing structure.

Deba Tank Relining specialist consultants work with their clients to help find them the best long-term cost-effective solution. Whether that is a cold water storage tank reline, or a full replacement depends on a variation of contributing factors, all of which can be discussed with our technical consultants on site at the surveying stage.

Our goal is to ensure that the solution that we provide is not only cost-effective but will also give our clients peace of mind for years to come.

All tank replacements provided by Deba Tank Relining Specialists are carried out by our highly trained in-house tank installers. Below is an example of just one of the many cold water storage tank replacements we have carried out since Deba was established in 1972.

Removal & Disposal of Cold Water Storage Tank in London

Removal of extremely corroded cold water storage tank

GRP Sectional Cold Water Storage Tank Supplier in London, Essex, Kent, Southampton,

Installation of new GRP sectional cold water storage tank using solid WRAS approved tank roof supports as required by ACoP L8 & HSG 274

Replacement Cold Water Stoage Tank Company London

Completed cold water storage tank installation

All GRP installations carried out by our specialist in-house engineers will be warrantied for 12 months following installation.
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Our Clients

Deba Tank Relining has an enviable reputation for carrying out successful projects of all sizes across a wide range of industry sectors from NHS hospital sites and factories to schools and residential properties.

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