Tank Reline

Tank Reline

We offer competitive nationwide tank reline solutions for all types of water storage systems. The benefits of relining water storage tanks and cooling towers include:

Significantly extend the service life of existing installations.

Reduced operational ‘down time’ (compared to a full tank replacement).

Considerably lower cost than a new installation.

Our consultants will make a full assessment of your current system and outline the most cost-effective solution. Our expertise enables us to reline and refurbish water storage tanks that previously would be considered ‘beyond repair’. By choosing a competent and experienced company such as Deba Tank Relining you can be sure the end result will be of the highest quality and deliver exceptional performance, full legislative compliance and a long lifespan.

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1 – 15 Year Tank Reline Guarantee

To back up our confidence in our expert storage tank reline service we offer a 1 – 15 year guarantee on all projects. The guarantee duration will be made clear at the time of quotation and provided in writing.

We stand by our products and services and as a leading UK supplier of tank reline solutions you can rest assured we will provide the highest level of service coupled with unrivalled quality.

Water Tank Lining Hung in Place Ready For Sealing In London

In addition to our Deba 507 DWPU tank reline service we also off new tank liners for structures that are not suitable for a polyeurathene solution. These include storage tanks manufactured by Franklin Hodge. Corrugated tanks and various types of fire sprinkler reserve tanks also require a ‘sheet’ liner (see picture above).

Inevitably over time the manufacturer’s liner degrades and fails which if left too long will facilitate corrosion to the metallic structure. By removing the failed liner and replacing with extremely durable high quality Butyl Rubber or EPDM we provide a long-term solution at a fraction of the cost of a new storage tank. You will receive a minimum guarantee of 10 years with this service.

As with all solutions offered by Deba UK Ltd we only employ skilled and experienced consultants, engineers and technicians. This ensures that every tank reline is carried out to the highest standard of quality, durability and compliance.

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Our Clients

Deba Tank Relining has an enviable reputation for carrying out successful projects of all sizes across a wide range of industry sectors from NHS hospital sites and factories to schools and residential properties.

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