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10 Year Minimum Guarantee

Tank Relining - Tank Refurbishment

By properly preparing and applying a suitable polyurethane coating to the internal surface of a liquid storage tank you effectively create a new tank layer. Once we have initially drained and cleaned the surface structure to remove contaminants and corrosion we assess the integrity of the joints, fittings and replace if necessary. We then prepare the surface for coating. Once this is complete our tank reline experts will then apply our specifically formulated WRAS approved polyurethane coating ES 988 DWPU.

Once the tank is coated to the correct thickness for the type of tank we are refurbishing it is left to cure. We then check to ensure the coating has completely sealed the tank internally. Finally we will then fully disinfect the tank ready for filling. Once cured the coating hardens to provide an incredibly strong yet flexible finish which is perfect for the purpose of retaining liquids and strengthening the structural integrity of the tank.

The flexibility of ES 988 DWPU coating enables it to expand with the tank structure under the pressure of the water (or other stored liquid). Tank relining is significantly quicker to carry out when compared to the time consuming installation of a new tank this coupled with a much lower cost and long lifespan makes a tank reline the ideal solution for tank repair or refurbishment.

Before Coating
Before Coating
After Coating
After Coating
WRAS approved water tank relining system in London, Essex, Kent, Oxford

The Product - ES 988 DWPU

Echo Square Tank Relining is very proud to be a UK and Ireland supplier and applicator of our specifically formulated WRAS certified polyurethane based tank reline solution.

ES 988 DWPU is a high build, solvent-free urethane, anti-corrosive coating. It is designed for the efficient long term protection of pumps, valves, pipe fittings and equipment which is used successfully worldwide. Its impressive characteristics include non-shrinking, excellent chemical resistance and flexibility when cured.

It also meets the requirements of BS6920:1990 as required by the Water Research Centre.

Specialist Tank Coating Services

Our consultants will make a full assessment of your current system and outline the most cost-effective solution. Our expertise enables us to reline and refurbish water storage tanks that previously would be considered ‘beyond repair’. By choosing a competent and experienced company such as Echo Square Tank Relining you can be sure the end result will be of the highest quality and deliver exceptional performance, full legislative compliance and a long lifespan.

To back up our confidence in our expert storage tank reline service we offer up to 15 years guarantee on all tank relining projects. The guarantee duration will be made clear at the time of quotation and provided in writing.

We stand by our products and services and as a leading UK supplier of tank reline solutions you can rest assured we will provide the highest level of service coupled with unrivalled quality.

Leaking Cold Water Storage Tank London
Corroded Tank Before Refurbishment
Refurbished (relined) water storage tank London
Tank Fully Refurbished

In addition to our ES 988 DWPU tank reline service we also off new tank liners for structures that are not suitable for a polyeurathene solution. These include storage tanks manufactured by Franklin Hodge. Corrugated tanks and various types of fire sprinkler reserve tanks also require a ‘sheet’ liner.

As with all solutions offered by Echo Square we only employ skilled and experienced consultants, engineers and technicians. This ensures that every tank reline is carried out to the highest standard of quality, durability and compliance.

Contact us today for a no-obligation quotation or fill in our quote request form.

15 Year Guarantee on Tank Reline Projects in England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland

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The quality of our product combined with our skilled team of applicators means we can offer a comprehensive guarantee of up to 15 years (10 year minimum guarantee).

You can rest assured that Echo Square - Tank Relining will provide the very best service from start to finish and emergency backup should you ever need it.

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