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GRP tank relining works due to black spores.

A common issue with GRP cold water storage tanks old and new is the growth of black spores beneath the GRP gel coat. In accordance with ACoP L8 HSG274 these black spores are deemed as non-compliant and must be removed. Simply cleaning the spores off a cold-water storage tanks internal surfaces only temporarily removes the

GRP cold water storage tank reline

Deba Tank Relining were recently asked to reline a leaking GRP (glass reinforced plastic) cold water storage tank on a roof in London. The entire project was completed in just 3 days including a full tank disinfection upon completion of works before putting the cold water tank back into service. Our client received a full

Water Storage Tank Replacement Liner works

Corrugated Sprinkler Cold Water Storage Tank Liner Replacement. Deba Tank Relining were recently asked to replace a failed leaking Butyl liner in a corrugated sprinkler cold water storage tank in Sunbury-on-Thames. Naturally we would usually recommend a coating system to be used, however with corrugated steelĀ cold water storage tanks and many other variations of sprinkler

Tank Reline London

Galvanised steel tank reline

Recently completed galvanised steel tank relining project our in house operatives carried out in Marble Arch, London. All works had to be carried out during out of office hours over a weekend and services to be placed back online before 8am the following Monday. Our client received a 10 year guarantee upon completion of works

water tank relining company London

Deba – Tank Relining Specialists are excited to launch our newly updated website

We hope you find it far more user-friendly and easy to use. Deba Tank Relining Specialists naturally specialise in the relining of all liquid retaining structures, from rusty galvanised steel cold water storage tanks to glass reinforced plastic cold water storage tanks. However, we also offer a consultative service therefore if you require any help

Our Clients

Deba Tank Relining has an enviable reputation for carrying out successful projects of all sizes across a wide range of industry sectors from NHS hospital sites and factories to schools and residential properties.

Should you require any further information why not contact our friendly team and see how we can help?