GRP Tank Issues

GRP Tank Issues

It is a common misconception that all leaking and corroded cold water storage tanks should be replaced with new glass reinforced plastic (GRP) cold water storage tanks.

An internal tank reline solution should always be considered to avoid costly and disruptive replacement works.

Throughout our many years of experience operating in the water treatment industry, we have refurbished and relined a vast number of GRP cold water storage tanks, most of which were just a few years old and had already began to leak at the joints between the sectional panels due to deterioration of the tanks mastic.

Leaking GRP Cold Water Storage Tank Repair (Reline) London

Leaking joint between tank panel due to the deterioration of mastic between the GRP cold water storage tanks panels.

Corroded (Rusty) GRP Water Tank Repair (Refurbishment) London

In other instances the GRP cold water storage tank steel fastenings have become heavily corroded subsequently continuously contaminating the water.

The occurrence of black spore fungi beneath the internal gel coat is another issue that often occurs in GRP cold water storage tanks. This issue is often only noticed when a Legionella risk assessment or tank inspection is carried out.

This problem has been highlighted as a ‘Red Alert’ in the HSE guidelines HSG274 Part 2: The control of legionella bacteria in hot and cold water systems.

Please refer to page 26 after clicking on the following link for more information

Black Spots (Spores) GRP Cold Water Storage Tank Cleaning Company London

In rather more disruptive cases we have been involved in projects where entire tank panels have given way and caused catastrophic damage to rooms below.

External Cold Water Storage Tank Repair / Refurbishement Company in London, Kent, Essex, South England

Fortunately this cold water storage tank was outside and no further damage was caused!

Another common issue that has been highlighted in more recent years is the presence of hollow cold water storage tank roof supports, typically used in many GRP tank installations.

Water Storage Tank Replacement / Upgrade in London

Non- compliant hollow cold water storage tank roof supports.

The HSE guidelines HSG274 part 2 has now highlighted hollow cold water storage tank roof supports as being non-compliant and therefore recommends that all hollow supports are replaced with solid WRAS approved cold water storage tank roof supports that do not allow for the stagnation of water or any possibility of harbouring harmful bacteria such as Legionella.

Please refer to page 26 after clicking on the following link for more information

Compliant Upgraded Cold Water Storage Tank Supports in London, Southampton, Kent, Essex

Successful replacement of non – compliant hollow cold water storage tank roof supports with compliant WRAS approved solid roof supports carried out by Deba tank relining specialists.

New GRP tank installations.

Another major downside to carrying out cold water storage tank replacement works is the fact that the majority of GRP tank manufacturers in the UK will only warranty new tank installations for a maximum period of 12 months.

Whereas Deba tank relining specialists will guarantee all refurbishment and relining projects carried out by our in house operatives for up to 15 years against leaks and corrosion for a fraction of the cost of a full cold water storage tank replacement.

Should you have any GRP water tank issues similar to any of the examples above why not see how Deba tank relining specialists can help you?

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