National Tank Relining / Refurbishment
10 Year Guarantee (Minimum)

National Tank Relining, Repair & Refurbishment - 10 Year Minimum Guarantee

Echo Square are a leading specialist in the internal relining and refurbishment for all types of liquid storage tanks. We have highly trained teams of relining / coating specialists, mechanical engineers and water hygiene experts throughout the country equipped to ensure your system is completely repaired / refurbished and importantly; fully ACoP L8 compliant.

Tank Reline / Coating
Flexible, safe & long lasting. Ideal for a variety of tank types. 10 year minimum guarantee.

Butyl / EPDM Tank Liners
Required for certain tank types. Quick to install and durable. 10 year guarantee.

Bund Relining / Coating
Durable & cost-effective long-term protection for standard and chemical bunds. Up to 15 year guarantee.

Legionella Compliance
Advice and consultancy services for reduced risk factors and full ACOP L8 compliance.

Our services are available throughout the UK and Ireland and our reputation for delivering the highest quality of product and service combined with a fast turnaround, minimal disruption and competitive pricing ensures you're in good hands. This is backed by our industry leading guarantee of up to 15 years on all relining projects (minimum 10 years) upon completion.

Due to our years of experience working within the water treatment industry, we have proven time and again that all cold water storage tanks and cooling towers can be fully refurbished and relined despite the poor condition they are currently in therefore avoiding extremely costly and time consuming tank replacement works.

As a UK and Ireland approved applicator of a high performance WRAS approved solvent-free polyurethane coating, our highly trained in house applicators have full capabilities to completely refurbish and reline the following structures

"Even heavily corroded tanks can now be fully refurbished and brought up to standard for significantly less than a new storage tank."

WRAS Tank Relining Coating DWPU

Nationwide Service Coverage

Our water tank relining teams are set up to provide fast and dependable service throughout England, Scotland, Wales and both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. As part of one of the nation’s largest and most trusted water system suppliers we are backed by teams offering tank relining in London, Kent, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Southampton, South East of England, Dublin & Belfast. Our teams can provide our services to the highest standard anywhere in the UK.

Echo Square Tank Relining has an enviable reputation for carrying out successful projects of all sizes across a wide range of industry sectors from NHS hospital sites and factories to schools and residential properties. Should you require any further information why not contact our friendly team and see how we can help?

UK Tank Relining Company

Risk Factors & Signs of Tank Damage

Storage tanks are subject to pressure and corrosion from water, fuel or other liquids contained within. The sheer weight of the liquid puts pressure on the joints, walls and base of the structure. Over time wear and tear occurs leading to corrosion which causes contamination of the water. In addition leaks can develop which allows further contamination due to the ability of foreign material and bacteria to enter the tank through the leak point.

In house water testing may suggest you have a leak as raised bacteria levels will likely be detected. It is important to ensure you have procedures in place to monitor and control the risks of Legionella bacteria. Furthermore if the leak is significant and depending on the location of the tank there may be water damage to nearby structures and equipment. This can happen relatively quickly if the bund is in poor condition or if there is no bund present. Regular visual inspections will help you to spot problems early and enable low-cost repairs. We offer a full bund lining and repair service to ensure you storage tank system operates at optimal performance and is fully compliant.

Our engineers can also service associated pipework and our manufacturing facility enables us to provide bespoke solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our full tank reline service provides a complete refurbishment at a much lower cost than full tank replacement. We also provide deep cleaning & disinfection, joint and support repairs, risk assessments and water usage management.

Leakin GRP External Tank
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15 Year Guarantee on Tank Reline Projects in England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland

Buy With Confidence

The quality of our product combined with our skilled team of applicators means we can offer a comprehensive guarantee of up to 15 years (10 year minimum guarantee).

You can rest assured that Echo Square - Tank Relining will provide the very best service from start to finish and emergency backup should you ever need it.

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